Celebrating Beauty & New Life at The Farm


Beauty and new life is happening everywhere at our farm in Scottsdale.  Apple, peach and Mulberry trees are in that full blossoming mode. The English and French lavender are so gorgeous and fragrant and wild sown sunflowers are starting to reach for the sky. Add to all this beauty, little baby goats entered the world at our farm this past week too. So, with hearts full of gratitude - it's a cause to CELEBRATE! 

And, we are celebrating by offering  you a FREE Cleansing Bar from our collection. You can choose a Charcoal + Rosemary or a Canyon Pink Clay + Citrus or a 3 Mint Bar or even our newest cleansing bar - Spring Water + Calendula Herbal Oil.  You purchase 2 and get your 3rd one FREE. 

We are calling this our Celebrating Beauty & Life gift. When you order, make sure you let us know which Cleansing Milk Bar you want as your free one. This Celebration will be good until April 1st.  Any bar you choose will be perfect. Shop Here.

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