One Good Way To Keep Your Face Hydrated

Living in the Arizona desert, I understand how heat and dry weather can wreak havoc on skin. Being an older woman, my skin is considered to be "mature." Mature skin is generally dry. Besides being on the dry side, my skin can also be reactive and sensitive.  Because of this, hydration is a must in my daily skin care rituals. English Lavender Hydrosol Facial Tonic is my "go to" hydration/toning product. Personally, I think that no matter what skin type you have, hydration should be part of how you care for your skin.

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How I use our hydrosol

My skin care ritual starts off first thing in the morning. After gently cleansing with one of our Skin Milk Cleansing Bars, I hydrate with our Lavender Hydrosol Facial Tonic. Hydrating means that I mist liberally - from the top of the head to the bottom of my neck.  While the plant benefits dry on my skin, I head to the kitchen to make morning coffee.

After misting with our hydrosol, I will massage our farm's botanical serum into my skin and then use either coconut oil or shea butter as a protectant.