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T S F Botanicals is a collection of luxury, botanical skin care made to enhance and inspire natural beauty.  Most plants used to create  our beauty blend of botanicals are grown here at our family farm in Scottsdale, AZ. Our batches are small and fresh.

We make the best, organic goat milk soap for your skin, handmade with lots of love in Arizona, using organic botanicals from our farm and the pure goat milk from our Nubian goats.


Beauty takes time - Launching this Fall


LUNA is our nourishing, anti-bacterial night time oil cleanse with active ingredients that soothe and brighten skin. This nourishing cleanse aides in removing all traces of makeup + dirt from the days pollutants.

A hero ingredient in our nourishing face oil is Rosehip Seed Oil, hydrates and works to aide cellular turnover. Intensely nourishing, Sea Buckthorn is known for its hydrating and anti-aging benefits. These two power house ingredients make this nourishing face cleanser amazing.  

Luna contains 13 + active botanicals.


Cloud, is our nutrient rich, beautifying, glow boosting nighttime beauty balm that interacts with your skin to provide a hydrated, dewy, luminous glow. Our night time beauty balm is robust with a gentle floral profile of jasmine and frankincense that makes it a must to be part of every night time beauty ritual.

Cloud contains 14+ active botanicals


Golden Dew is our proprietary infusion of farm grown botanicals and other organic and wild-crafted ingredients that work together to brighten + purify the skin. This luxury elixir helps with anti-aging, repairing of the skin, and new cell regeneration. Golden Dew penetrates the skins lipid layer and helps reverse hyper-pigmentation and provides deep hydration for your skin.

Golden Dew contains 36+ active botanicals

Goat Milk Soap - our face Cleansing bar collection

TSF Botanicals is the very best goat milk soap for your skin, handmade with love in Arizona. Made with organic botanicals from our farm with pure goat milk from our Nubian goats! 


Charcoal + Rosemary goat milk soap works to soften and cleanse the skin by gently drawing out impurities. The soft rosemary scent soothes the senses and restores balance and tone. The addition of sweet orange provides an uplifting sense.  We love goat milk soap for our face because of the natural occurring AHA.


In this clarifying milk bar, the fusion of pink clay with various citrus essential oils offers a luxurious treat for the skin. Pink clay is known for its polishing properties by gently drawing out impurities and smoothing the surface of the skin. The added benefit of brightening pink grapefruit provides a glowing complexion. 


Formulated with reviving notes of spearmint, wintergreen and peppermint to rejuvenate the skin and awaken the senses. This milk bar is combined with the hydrating benefits of fresh goat milk and Shea butter so the skin is left feeling uplifted and soothed. 


Hydrating, healing and soothing facial tonics

Rose Geranium


english lavender